What is a Micro Bikini?

Showing off your beach bod just got crazier! If you’re one to follow fashion trends, then you must have come across the term ‘Micro Bikini’. Now, we all know what a bikini is- the perfect beach essential right after sunblock. But are you aware of what a micro bikini is? Wait, we can help!

Micro Bikini or a Microkini Explained

Imagine a bikini but with less fabric. A micro bikini is a super thin bikini set that focuses on revealing more than hiding! After all, why let the summer body go to waste? Micro bikinis, typically described are swimwear sets with bare minimum fabric. They are designed to barely cover the intimate regions so that you can show off as much skin as you want without being indecent (or completely nude!) However, if you want your beach style to be the talk of the town, you can also find an extreme micro bikini that focuses on barely covering anything. Talk about bedroom classics, right?

But the different types of micro bikinis don’t just end at ‘extreme’. If you want to try out this teeny-weeny bikini style, here are some more types for you!

What are the different types of micro bikinis?

String Bikini: It was the year 1974. A famous Brazilian model had to cut and make her own bikini out
of very limited materials, and that’s how the string bikini was born! Even though the source of this legendary story is unclear, fashionistas were clear the string bikini is here to stay.

1. Thong Bikini

Thongs have always been associated with amorous intimate apparel. Thong bikinis are also a great way to show off your summer curves just right! Now imagine a cute, vibrant thong with an equally vibrant, ultra-minimal bra top!

2. Brazilian Bikini

Brazilian bikini is where exotic begins. These micro bikini types follow the string bikini style with fancy string knots and strapless tops creating a drool-worthy beach style for you. Pair in a straw hat and some big round shades, and you’ll be the star of the show.

3. Mini Bikini

Imagine the perfect bikini bottom with g-strings both on the back and the front! Now add a sexy V-dip to your bikini bottom and some string top with minimal coverage and maximum hotness- that’s a mini micro bikini for you.

4. Sheer Bikini

This bikini type needs no explanation. If you’re all about standing out in the crowd and making a statement with your bold moves, this is the type of extreme micro bikini you should opt for! We are talking barely there and transparent bikinis to drop jaws on your next beach trip.

5. Fishnet Bikini

Fishnets or an all-lace bikini set is the highest level of sexy-chic. This type of microkini is famous for its classy yet hot vibe and can be a perfect bedroom surprise if you have a big day planned.

Where Can We Find Micro Bikinis?

Micro bikinis are really trending right now, which means chances are you can shop them both online and offline. While some brands prefer different names for these bikini types, other brands will leave little to the imagination- just like the micro bikinis you’re about to try! However, when you’re buying this beachwear for yourself, make sure to always opt for good quality fabrics to avoid sudden oops-moments on the beach!

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