Lingerie Party Ideas

What is a Lingerie Party?

For a lingerie party, guests are explicitly asked to gift the bride with sexy or sweet undergarments, slinky robes, massage oils or other romantic accessories or belongings.

Generally, the Lingerie party allows the bride to be pampered with beautiful pieces for her wedding night, honeymoon, and after. This can be more a laid-back affair than a traditional shower, and it only works when the bride is okay with the idea. But most of the time we see that the people get confused by this question because everyone thinks that, lingerie party means a party where you can go in lingerie. However, it is not the case, because there is nothing to do with a party. The lingerie party actually means a place where you can go and buy some of the best lingerie with different varieties. And if you have got the invitation of such a party, it would be better that you visit the place with comfortable clothing, which means that you have to wear those clothes which you can easily remove to try these wonderful pieces of lingerie sets. Even we sometimes that the friends of the bride are also throwing these type of parties for the bride-to-be just to enjoy and have fun. Here guests shower the bride with gifts of lingerie. In fact, many bachelorette parties also include a lingerie shower component with various activities to do.

Some of the Lingerie party ideas

A lingerie shower is centered on the gifts, but lingerie party gifts can itself be a game. Some of the top games to spice up your party mood are listed here.

  1. Tell each guest to bring an unwrapped pair of underwear which showcases your personality as their gift. Then the bride-to-be has to pull out each underwear from a bag or a box and have to guess who gave it to her. And in the end, she gets to keep all the underwear.
  2. Play “Lingerie Shower Bingo”. Have to create a Bingo sheet with words like cute, sexy, the fiancé’s name, honeymoon, wedding etc and other phrases used by your friends in your group. As they are said throughout the day, guests can mark it off on their sheet. The first to get a BINGO wins the prize.
  3. Take a break from opening gifts and test the bride’s knowledge of her groom. Ask the groom the questions in advance and then quiz the bride during the party.

So these all are some of the small summary or overview of a lingerie party that one can go for before the wedding just to enjoy and have fun with her ladies.

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