How to Choose The Right Mastectomy Bra?

Every year, thousands of women go through the painful journey of breast cancer.

And come out victorious! Even though winning a fight against lethal health conditions like breast cancer is quite a striking achievement, it often leaves women feeling overpowered or defeated. It is often seen that women stop feeling great about their body after the surgery. At a time like this, all they need is some additional comfort and support!

Mastectomy Bra – What and Why?

Scientists have invented the “Mastectomy Bra” in the hopes that it can bring a smile and a sense of ‘fitting in’ for women who has or have been battling breast cancer. Mastectomy Bras, in a nutshell, can be defined as bras for breast cancer patients, made to support and comfort the growing needs of a brave woman like you!

However, with choices galore and selections running diverse choosing the right mastectomy bra is of utmost importance.

The vital thing here is to choose the right one and we’ll show you exactly how it’s done like a pro-

How to choose your Mastectomy Bra?

  • Comfort: That’s the first thing you should have in your mind!

The bra you choose should help you feel comfortable and beautiful. It becomes progressively important when it comes to bras for breast cancer patients, where mere support is not enough.

You need something more than just an undergarment; you need a bra that brings out the best version of you!

  • Features: Here are a few features that you should look for in your mastectomy bra-
  1. Wide supporting straps
  2. Front closure
  3. Support bands
  4. Seamless fabric

Most of these features are commonly available in a mastectomy bra. But, when you are looking for a bras for breast cancer patients, it’s important to choose a bra that vouches for these features strictly.

  • Quality Fit: The right size and most importantly, the right support from the strap is really important. You would want a solution that doesn’t dig in the incision areas or jabs and pokes in places it shouldn’t. What’s the best way to go about it?  Ask for a fitting expert’s help, if in doubt.
  • Breast Form: After the surgery, a woman can choose between breast reconstruction surgery or breast prostheses. In the case of prostheses, a woman would wear breast forms. These forms go along with the mastectomy bra in supporting the woman. Make sure your bra knows your decisions well.

We all deserve to be the best version of ourselves and mastectomy bras are a wonder invention that helps our fellow sisters face their fears, stand out in the crowd and still fit in when it comes to flaunting themselves. Take a brave step towards welcoming your new body with a little help from our mastectomy bras.

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